Sandy Golding, Beaches Watch founder and President (2004 – 2018)

As one of the founders of Beaches Watch, I have been honored to serve the last 14 years as the organization’s President. During this time, Beaches Watch has made a positive impact in our beaches communities through organizing community conversations, hosting nonpartisan candidate forums and educating and engaging citizens on the issues that impact our quality of life.

As a resident of Jacksonville Beach, I love my community and I am passionate about preserving our wonderful beach quality of life. I have been proud to be an actively involved resident, attending nearly all Jacksonville Beach City Council meetings and budget workshops for the last 17 years. During that time I have seen the Council address a broad range of topics, from the mundane to the contentious. I understand the factors that have led to past decisions and I understand the current issues and plans to address them.

With the upcoming retirement of several key leaders at City Hall, I feel Jacksonville Beach needs considerable knowledge and leadership to get our city through this transition and ensure Jacksonville Beach remains a great place to live, work and play. Now, more than ever, I feel it is time for me to serve the citizens of Jacksonville Beach as a member of the Jacksonville Beach City Council.

So that I can devote time to pursue this goal, I feel it is necessary that I step down from my role as President of Beaches Watch. Our organization is well-established and very fortunate to have some very dedicated and engaged members who are willing to step up and take the helm. I am happy to announce that Maria Mark will be assuming the role of Interim President and Kevin Brown will be assuming the role of Interim Vice President. Maria will also be taking over the planning and moderation of the Beaches Watch candidate forums. I will continue to serve on the Board of Directors to assist with organization governance, but will no longer be involved with the Beaches Watch candidate forums.

I am extremely grateful to the Beaches Watch Board of Directors and Programs Committee for their tireless efforts in service to Beaches Watch and our communities. It is because of them that Beaches Watch will continue to facilitate meaningful conversations about the issues that impact our beaches quality of life. Thank you to the Beaches Watch members who repeatedly voted to give me the opportunity to lead the organization. And, thank you to my husband and others in the community that have encouraged and supported me to run for Jacksonville Beach City Council, District 3 Seat 6. It will be a true honor to serve the citizens of Jacksonville Beach.


Sandy Golding

Beaches Watch President (2004 – 2018)