On December 6, Beaches Watch presented its 2023 Give Back Award to Beaches Community Kitchen, which provides free, freshly made nutritious meals to homebound and elderly residents.

The Beaches Watch Give Back Award recognizes a nonprofit organization that has a substantial impact on the Beaches community. Beaches Community Kitchen has been quietly serving the Beaches community since 1991, delivering meals throughout the Beaches three times a week within one hour of preparation. The all-volunteer organization operates with no salaries and no overhead, and the volunteers pack enough food into the day’s delivery to provide leftovers for the next day. So, many of BCK’s clients are able to extend the food to last much of the week.

When the hot food is delivered, often, it’s often the only human contact the homebound individual has had that day. Over the years, bonds between volunteers and clients have formed, and volunteers often help refer residents they serve to additional resources.

“As we approach the season of giving, Beaches Watch is proud to present our ‘Give Back’ donation to Beaches Community Kitchen to show our appreciation for all its volunteers are doing to enhance the quality of life for our Beaches citizens,” said Beaches Watch President Maria Mark. “The service Beaches Community Kitchen provides to our senior and homebound citizens is nothing short of amazing, and the fact that it is a 100% volunteer organization that has been providing delicious, home-cooked meals since 1991 to our seniors and homebound citizens is beyond heartwarming.”

For more information about Beaches Community Kitchen, email Mary Jane Brown at mj4j@aol.com. The Give Back Award will be presented at Beaches Watch’s next meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6, at the Beaches Branch Library. The 2022 Give Back Award winner was the Beaches Council on Aging Dial-A-Ride program.