The City of Neptune Beach hired Dover Kohl & Partners to help them through a 3-phase planning process for the future of Neptune Beach:

Phase 1: Develop Community Vision Plan

The Neptune Beach Community Vision Plan was the first phase of a 3-phase process to gather big-picture input from the citizens of Neptune Beach and establish a long-term vision for the future of City.

Phase 2: Update Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan will manage growth in such a way that provides the facilities and services that communities need to foster economic growth and preserve natural amenities. Based on the Community Vision Plan, Dover Kohl will assist Neptune Beach in updating the Comprehensive Plan to support the vision for the community.

Phase 3: Update Land Development Regulations

Land Development Regulations regulate any aspect of land development within a municipality in accordance with the broad framework established in the Comprehensive Plan, including zoning, rezoning, subdivision, building construction, planned unit development, signage, landscaping, etc. The land development regulations will be updated to regulate land development in compliance with the revised Comprehensive Plan.

To follow the Neptune Beach Community Vision process: