After a full review of the Jacksonville Beach City Charter, the Jacksonville Beach City Council has placed 16 Charter amendments on the November 8, 2022 ballot to address various things in the City’s Charter.  Jacksonville Beach voters are encouraged to read and understand  each amendment before you vote.


Watch Jacksonville Beach Mayor Hoffman provide an overview of the Jax Beach Charter Amendments:

Here is a brief summary of the Charter amendments:

  • Amendment Number 1: Removing or making neutral all gender specific references in the City Charter.
  • Amendment Number 2: Eliminating/correcting obsolete and outdated Charter provisions and making grammatical and punctuation corrections.
  • Amendment Number 3: Clarifying what constitutes a full term when applying term limits under the Charter.
  • Amendment Number 4: Clarifying that certain Charter provisions and powers are granted and limited by Florida law.
  • Amendment Number 5: Clarifying regular meeting schedule and procedure to call special meetings of City Council.
  • Amendment Number 6: Eliminating compelled meeting attendance by council members and acknowledging supermajority requirements.
  • Amendment Number 7: Establishing primary runoff elections and tie-breaking procedure after general elections.
  • Amendment Number 8: Recognizing Duval Supervisor of Elections authority to establish rules for use of voting equipment.
  • Amendment Number 9: Establishing filing fees and election assessments for candidates based upon percentage of office annual salary.
  • Amendment Number 10: Amending City Manager removal procedures, establishing deadline for final action approving removal.
  • Amendment Number 11: Making failure to cooperate in Council or Manager investigations grounds for termination, providing exceptions.
  • Amendment Number 12: Amending City Attorney removal procedures, establishing deadline for final action approving removal. 
  • Amendment Number 13: Changing City Attorney compensation to salary and benefits to be set by contract.
  • Amendment Number 14: Requiring the City Attorney to review all ordinances and resolutions of the city.
  • Amendment Number 15: Creating Initiative and Referendum procedure allowing citizens to adopt or repeal certain types of ordinances.
  • Amendment Number 16: Providing for periodic review of the City Charter.