On Monday, September 18, the Jacksonville Beach City Council approved the FY24 budget of $212,809,512 and unchanged millage rate of 3.9947.

To review the approved budget for FY2024: APPROVED JAX BEACH FY23-24 BUDGET

Budget Highlights Include:

  • The proposed budget has been prepared using an unchanged millage rate of 3.9947 per $1,000 of assessed taxable value, 18.9% lower than the statewide average of 4.9275.
  • The City’s total proposed budget is $212,809,512. The budget is $10,644,895 or 4.8% lower than the current year.
  • The General Fund’s proposed budget is $28,677,150. Property taxes represent 57.2% of General Fund revenues. 51% of the General Fund’s total budget is used to pay for police and fire services.
  • Using the proposed millage rate, a homeowner in Jacksonville Beach with an assessed median value of $285,780 (and a homestead exemption of $50,000) can expect to pay $4,314 in property taxes. Of that amount, $942 (or $78.49 per month) will be paid to the City of Jacksonville Beach. This means 21.8% of your tax dollars will be going to Jacksonville Beach (all the rest will be going to Duval Schools and City of Jacksonville).
  • City-wide total taxable property values increased by $501,727,508 or 10.5%, which includes new construction of $48,253,648. Taxable values in the redevelopment districts increased by $114,269,695 or 9%; taxable values for the rest of the City increased by $387,458,813, or 10.2%
  • This budget makes it possible to continue to provide a level of services that our citizens expect and to set aside funds for longer-term projects such as facilities and park maintenance.