In 2016, the City of Atlantic Beach (COAB) suspended enforcement of content-based sign regulations that were in conflict with a 2015 Supreme Court ruling. That ruling held that sign regulations must be “content neutral.”

The COAB City Commission will review the code ordinance and vote on proposed changes addressing intent, definition, and proposed changes for residential, commercial, and industrial districts. Specific issues include number of signs and flags on a property, size of signs, internal vs. external lighting of signs, and window signs.

You can find background information and other related links concerning these sign code amendments by clicking HERE.

The next COAB meeting addressing the sign code amendments will be on May 11, 2020 at 6:30 pm via video conference. This meeting will be the final public hearing on the sign code changes. Click HERE to access the meeting information and agenda. Citizens are encouraged to understand this issue and provide your input to the City Commission members prior to the May 11 meeting.