Beaches Neighborhood Accountability Board presented Beaches Watch 2017 Friend of the Beaches Award.

On Wednesday April 5, The Beaches Watch Board of Directors presented the Beaches Neighborhood Accountability Board  the 2017 Friend of the Beaches Award.  The Friend of the Beaches Award honors individuals, businesses or organizations who have greatly contributed to enrich our quality of life at the beaches.

As the 2017 Friend of the Beaches recipient, the Beaches Neighborhood Accountability Board was recognized for their volunteer efforts to keep beaches youth out of the court system. Every adult knows that kids often make mistakes or poor decisions in their path to become an adult. Often times these mistakes should not put a lifelong blemish on the child’s record that could affect their ability to get into college, get a job or go into the military. With the help of the Neighborhood Accountability Board volunteers, beaches youth are given a second chance.

Beaches police have the discretion to refer first time youth offenders to the Neighborhood Accountability Board. The volunteer board, made up of beaches residents, determine sanctions which should be completed within 90 days. And if successfully completed, the infraction will not go on the minor’s record. Sanctions may include curfew, counseling, online courses, workbooks, diary postings and more. All sanctions are chosen based on the youth’s ability, interest and nature of the offense.

In her nomination, Sybil Ansbacher stated, “Families and minors both are grateful for the opportunity and rarely do we have to send any of the minors to the States Attorney.”

“Beaches Watch is proud to recognize the Beaches Neighborhood Accountability Board for their contributions to give our beaches youth a second chance. These volunteers are enriching our beaches quality of life by ensuring the future generation of our beaches learn from their mistakes and become responsible and productive members of our beach communities,” said Sandy Golding, Beaches Watch President.

Previous Friend of the Beaches Award recipients have been Pete Modica, Mary Emerson-Smith, Bennie Furlong, Marcy Silkebaken, the River Branch Foundation, Gretchen Ferrell and the Beaches Local Food Network, the St. Johns River Ferry Task Force, Lillie Sullivan, the Beaches Branch Library and Kathy Christensen.

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