Beaches Fine Arts Series Presented 2014 Beaches Watch “Give-Back” Donation

Pictured (l to r): Tracy Morris (BFAS President), Kathy Wallis (BFAS Executive Director) and Sandy Golding (Beaches Watch President)

Pictured (l to r): Tracy Morris (BFAS President), Kathy Wallis (BFAS Executive Director) and Sandy Golding (Beaches Watch President)

Jacksonville Beach, FL (December 4, 2014) – On December 3, local nonprofit organization Beaches Fine Arts Series (BFAS) was presented the 5th Annual Beaches Watch “Give-Back” donation.  Kathy Wallis, Executive Director for Beaches Fine Arts Series and Tracy Morris, President of the Board of Trustees, were in attendance to receive the $1,000 donation and provide a presentation about the Beaches Community Kitchen organization.

Since 1972, Beaches Fine Art Series has been offering people the chance to enjoy a free concert series featuring a diverse and talented roster of domestic and international performers.  At their post-concert receptions, audiences are allowed to mingle with the talented performers as well as view a free show of visual art created primarily by area artists.  BFAS also offers educational outreach programs to underserved children in Duval County schools, area colleges and universities, and collaborates with local programs targeting at-risk kids.

In her nomination, Harriet Pruette said, “the Beaches Fine Arts Series’ free programs contribute significantly to the quality of life at the Beaches and surrounding areas.  Undeniably, many who attend BFAS programs could not otherwise afford this type of cultural experience at the Beaches.  BFAS’ diverse concert audiences are commonly made up of older folks on fixed incomes, families with children looking to offer their young ones exposure to cultural performances, to high school and college students fulfilling class assignments.  Research underscores the relevance of these types of experiences to increased childhood I.Q. development and the continuing cognitive health of senior adults.”

The Beaches Watch annual “Give-Back” donation supports outstanding nonprofit organizations that help enrich the quality of life of beaches residents.  “Beaches Watch is proud to present this ‘Give-Back’ donation to the Beaches Fine Arts Series to show our appreciation for all they are doing to enhance the quality of life for our beaches communities.  We hope this donation will help them continue the great work they are doing in our community,” said Beaches Watch President Sandy Golding.

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